Don - t Let the Rules Scare You

Don - t Let the Rules Scare You

Don't Let the Rules Scare You!

This is my first post on WyzAnt, so I thought I would start things off with my best advice on writing . Don't Let the Rules Scare You!

Grammar frightens everyone. Though we use grammar every single day to communicate with others, when it comes time to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys) those pesky rules can make getting down the simplest thoughts intimidating. Of course, a writer must have an understanding of the rules that support and give shape to English. This, however, does not mean that confusion about things like transitive verbs will derail your best efforts!

There is a music to writing, a beauty to a well-turned phrase. Harmony and unity are best achieved when the writer can use grammar to his or her best advantage. But good writing is not about memorizing the definition of a noun. It is about recognizing how we use nouns in our regular daily language and playing with that usage.

Things that are wrong on paper usually sound wrong when stated aloud. By checking your writing against the way the words sound when they come out of your mouth, you can learn to intuitively understand many of those grammar rules. This won't catch every problem, of course, but neither can a word processing program!

Don't let the rules scare you. You likely understand more about the rules that underlie and enhance writing than you give yourself credit for!

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